I love halibut.  Living in Alaska, I have pretty much grown up on seafood, and love just about all that seafood has to offer.  I know, I’m weird.  It’s ok.  But halibut still remains my absolute favorite fish.  When I visit in England, they try to sell me on having the best fish and chips around.  I don’t buy it.  In fact, I don’t like it!  Its too sticky.  Too fishy.  Too…not halibut!

The only problem I have with fish – is cooking it.  It doesn’t change colors to alert you to its being done.  I HATE raw fish, and always tend to overcook it (much to everyone’s displeasure!).  But the other night, I came up with an idea to change the way I cook halibut (in the oven) and decided to grill it instead.  I didn’t want to fry it, and I didn’t want to smother it in something.  But I wanted to flavor it.

Thus came: Cajun Halibut

1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoon pepper
2 teaspoon chili powder
3-4 garlic cloves, crushed

The great thing about it is you can add or take away, mix and match.  I ran out of seasonings with a few more pieces of fish to go – and was able to whip up just a bit more.  It was awesome!

I cut the halibut into serving size chunks, rubbed them down generously with the spices – plopped them in a pan and let them get to work.  I didn’t have the burner on super high, and covered the pan for about 3-5 minutes before flipping them over and finishing them off.  They are done when the fish flakes easily.

That’s it!  So easy, and SO good!

2 thoughts on “Cajun Halibut

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is the best ever way to have halibut. dad and mom

    1. Christina Harman says:


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