Photography is a passion of mine, and something I’ve been interested in ever since I got my first camera in 2008. (Wow time flies!)

Since that time I’ve been happily snapping away, learning when I can, and working to use the camera to capture things that I enjoy. I love swapping photos and travel stories with friends and acquaintances, and chatting about all-things related to photography, as well as holding heated debates about the best types of coffee (locally-roasted, fresh-brewed, black!).

Here are some great photography blogs for your learning and enjoyment:

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One thought on “Photography

  1. A Manda says:

    There he is!!! Nik, Loretta has been looking for you. You need to get back with her.

    Great work here Christina, you can’t fool me, I know that you did at least part of this photography work, even though Nik likes to take the credit.

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