Hi!  I’m Christina, and this is my sister Amanda!

Up until recently, we both lived in a small town in southeast Alaska. Over the years. we have shared many adventures together and gotten into many interesting situations!

A handful of ago she got married and moved to England.  Now instead of doing just about everything together – we do it thousands of miles away – but often at the same time. We still share random adventures and somehow manage to get in just as much trouble!

Together we provide a unique perspective – OUR perspective – from two different corners of the world!

Hope you enjoy you stay – while you’re here, why not say hello!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I fall asleep while driving home from my parent’s house all the time. It sucks! BTW My husband loves Alaska and wants to move there… even though we’re whining about 6 inches of snow right now!

  2. Sounds cool – Will be interesting to follow you both 🙂

  3. lovely blog…just folowed you guys..keep it coming…

  4. Hi Christina, I just wanted to drop you a big thankyou message for publishing my photos in your article for Contrastly of “how to develop your own unique style of photography”! I really enjoyed the read and I love your writing style. Keep up the fantastic work and stay awesome!


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