– Christina


I’m known as CJ around the ‘interwebs’, but my real name is Christina.  I also go by Chir.  I am a wanna be photography, and a freelance writer.  I work in the office of my dads automotive business during the day, and string words together by night.  I live in Alaska, where it rains more often than you would think.  I love to travel, and would love to devote an entire year to traveling.  But until then, these short snippets will have to do.  As of this year I am 25.  Next year?  I will be 26…I think you can see where this is going!

I love a good cup of coffee, and great music.  None of this “I think I can sing” kind of stuff.  I get annoyed with people who think they know it all, which might explain my inability to get along with most people (other than simply being an acquaintance).  But really!  I would like to be your friend, and if you can get past my crazy ability to make new words, and say random things -I think you might like me.

Just recently I got my drivers license (after holding my permit for only a few months) and took off on a road trip through Australia with my sister and her family.  It was awesome, crazy, wild and amazing all rolled up.  Much like life.  I want to accomplish ALL the things, but my enthusiasm sputters out before I start.  I love taking pictures with my camera named Nik.  We don’t often get a long.  I shutter at the thought of our relationship!

While I love traveling and seeing new places -I can’t learn another language to save my life.  If it weren’t for my constant writing -I wouldn’t remember 1/2 the things I saw…which is why I write.  To remember the small, unimportant details of life that tomorrow -won’t be remembered.  The things that add up and make the story complete.  The forgotten details: the smiles of strangers, details in flowers, and weather.  While no one finds these things interesting -they add color to my life, my story.

And if there is one thing I love: It’s color.

I love bright, vibrant colors.

I am not perfect, and never will be.  But that won’t stop me from striving to reach perfection that can only be found in Jesus.  Overall, I am thankful for the never failing presence of God, and the freedom He has given me in the gift of salvation.

My name is Christina.  This is my journey through this complicated, confusing, amazing, wonderful, exciting journey called life.


1 thought on “– Christina”

  1. I am much like you and I am not much like you. I’m retired now but struggled daily at my customer service job, also enjoyed every day. I live in Ohio, the Football Hall of Fame city. I have been a photographer (in my mind) since I was a kid. I don’t travel as you do, mostly only within a few joining states. When I do travel I am always looking for something to photograph. I can’t remember names and often use the phrase ‘I can see her/his face’. I am good at math and writing. Lately I have wanted to start writing children’s books and incorporate some of my photography. In 2015 one of my goals is to start producing fine art photography. I’ve done some reading and believe I will need to learn to shoot RAW and use software.

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