This morning on my way to work, thoughts heavy on my mind and ten minutes late –I was stopped behind a line of cars while an ambulance and emergency vehicles sped around me.

I wasn’t close enough to see the details –but from the actions I could see –I could tell it wasn’t a drill. They were surrounding someone or something who lay on the side of the road –three or four vehicles were stopped in the middle of the road and a handful of others parked along the side. Lights flashing, sirens running…

…and there I sat. Deep in thought. Or, at least, in thought.

Thoughts of a conversation I was having with my sister before I had left playing through my mind: All the things. So many deadlines, so many expenses. So little time and so little money. The constant, it seems. As I sat, playing through different scenarios in which I could get more time and make more money –it hit me. Just how fleeting and precious life is.

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While I don’t have six dogs this time, I have two very different, very hyper, very active dogs -which is pretty much the equivalent of about ten dogs. I also have Yoshi. And recently added another shy, nervous first timer who isn’t sure she wants to be here. Really tho, I don’t blame her!

There is no such thing as a typical day ‘round these parts, but today was just too much to not try and dialogue a bit…

First, the cast of characters:

Cedar – a blue heeler with plenty of energy and plenty of love to go around. He is so full of himself and doesn’t know when to stop. He’s a lovable guy -but has enough energy to power the town.

Chester – a giant chocolate lab who doesn’t quite comprehend how big he really is. He feels he is perhaps the size of a poodle and has small dog syndrome because of it.

Abbey – the new dog on the block, an older (11) shepherd mix who really just would prefer to spend all day with her owner. Not three other dogs.

And of course, we have Yoshi. My girl who just doesn’t appreciate other dogs getting in her space and doesn’t mind telling them so.


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So we have been in full force summer here the past week and 1/2. By that I mean the store shelves are out of fans, many are out of water and I’m pretty sure this picture was actually taken here in Ketchikan:

Having just been in California, I can say without a doubt that 80 degrees Alaskan feels WAY hotter than 80 degrees elsewhere. I don’t know why, or if it is even logical (some say it’s a wet heat vs a dry heat) -but it feels way hotter. We also broke some records on Saturday -hitting 83 degrees. That’s pretty much 200 degrees in Alaskan talk!

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Our fourth of July’s are generally pretty low key -but with Amanda and Co being in town, we made the most of the day!

It was shockingly sunny! I think there have been maybe 2 or 3 fourth of July’s that I actually remember it being sunny. Most times its cloudy, overcast or pouring rain. Not this year!

I know a few people had a hard time with our parade this year -saying that it was too much of an advertisement and had nothing to do with the real reason why we were celebrating. I think of it more like our town gathering together to have some fun to help celebrate. I don’t know, I think it was fun and quirky -much like our town!

I never do a good job of getting pictures of the actual parade -usually someone jumps in front of me or I catch the rear end of it. This year I was too excited about things to get too many pictures.

Here were a few of the highlights:

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When we first started plotting this road trip through California, a stop in Disneyland was a stop on the list.

With it being summer -we figured it would be busy, so we decided to secure a fast-pass to better our chances of getting on any of the rides.

It was a bit confusing at first, but after downloading the Disneyland app -we realized it was easier than we thought. With the app, you can select a time frame for specific rides -then while waiting you can visit other rides and come back and hop in the fast-pass lane and skip a majority of the waiting time. You don’t have NO waiting, but your waiting time is limited and you can get on more rides. We used the fast-pass for the rides that had an hour plus waiting.

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