Late last year, Yoshi started to favor one of her back legs. A trip to the vet determined that she had “ruptured a ligament” in her knee.

It was a fairly common injury the vet assured me and there were three options: Do nothing. Send her North for the “Golden package” which would roughly cost the price of a small apartment, or the middle option -a more reasonable fix that would allow her to run again, but would require some extensive post therapy.

It all happened around the time when I was busy taking advantage of my travel freedoms and jetting here and there like there was no tomorrow. I put the decision off until a few months later when she started to carry her leg full time. I ran the numbers and determined the cost of her pain meds would quickly justify the middle option for surgery and booked her an appointment.

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Day seven.

Well, we made it to Friday. Does it matter? I’m not really sure anymore!

But we made it. One week is in the books. So. I guess it counts.

I haven’t been to Coast Guard Beach since I was probably six. The only thing I remember about it was on our back -someone got stung by a bee. And then I was tasked with carrying the pink coat -which in my mind, was the reason behind the bee sting. It was a very long walk back knowing that at any minute I could be taken down by the bee.

There were no bees today. Just me and this one:

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Day Five.

I debated about including today’s walk on my list, because it is a popular walk and one that we’ve done countless times. But we got out and did it, so I suppose that counts.

In other news, well, there really isn’t any other news.

Except that I locked my keys in my truck today. Dad was attempting to break in through the drivers side (this is important info). It took a few minutes before I realized he was trying to hit the unlock button from the window…the unlock button doesn’t work on the driver side. So he went to the passenger side. Where he discovered the window was down. Completely. So. There’s that. We’re ok. I’m ok. It’s ok.

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Day Four.

Apparently I am all about lake hiking these days. Today we hit up Connell Lake. This was a new one to me, and honestly I am not sure if we did the entire thing or not. Towards the end (or what I am assuming was the end) the trail was covered in some pretty deep snow. Three feet of snow might not seem like much, but when you are only five foot yourself, three feet can pretty much eat you alive. According to Google, I did complete the trail.

“Soon, you will come across a strange bridge that crosses over the creek just before Talbot Lake, but the trail does not continue on the other side of the bridge. Most likely this bridge is used for fisherman and hunters who want to gain this side of the creek and lakes. Skipping the bridge, the trail continues just a little further and ends at a tent platform at the southwestern end of Talbot Lake, another serene and quiet getaway.”

Because yep. I couldn’t have said it better myself. A strange bridge and a tent platform we indeed did find.

The trail itself was pretty, but there wasn’t any big “ah ha!” at the end…it was more like…are we done? Either way, I plan to explore this one more come summer as it was a nice trail.

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