One of the things we wanted to do when we came to San Diego was go to Sea World. I have been here once before, but it was the middle of March and I don’t really remember it all that well. It was a toss up between the zoo and Sea World and Sea World won.We really wanted to see the Orca whales.

We somehow managed to get to the park before it even opened! We didn’t even consider the fact that it might not yet be open since we usually don’t manage to get places until hours after our intended times! The GPS barked that we might arrive early and I assumed that with my driving we would be lucky to make it there before it closed. But we managed to get there without any hiccups and had a few minutes to browse around before heading in to see the main events.

On our way to the Orcas we stopped to see the dolphins and happened to arrive right as they were training them. Since it wasn’t that busy we even got a front row place! It was pretty neat seeing them that close!

Dolphin Point:



Orca Encounter

Then we made our way to see the whales.

I got a little too excited and convinced mom to sit three rows from the front in the wet zone (spoiler alert: They aren’t kidding! It really is a wet zone!)  I briefly panicked about the camera getting wet -considered buying a poncho (really? Sit in the wet zone and buy a poncho?) but then decided we would be ok.

It was awesome being that close to them!

I was careful to put my camera in the bag when I assumed a wave would be coming -and was successful on the first round, but then this happened:

Moments after they gave a wave hello, they came closer -for what I assumed was a photo opp. Instead it was for a wave of water! Followed by another wave! And another!

Thankfully everything stayed dry inside the bag…it really was an epic time and I would do it again. However I would probably leave my camera and phone in the locker before heading up or get a wet bag to ensure they would be safe. The water wasn’t that cold and it was sunny -so we dried rather quickly…or we would have, but I drug mom on a water ride and we got soaked again.



We had lunch -and successfully avoided getting attacked by the seagulls -although one lady wasn’t so lucky and she lost her entire pizza!

Then we checked out all the animals:

Turtle Reef:

Penguin Encounter:

Wild Arctic:


There were other animals in the Arctic -beluga, seals and the spot for a polar bear who was out -but I couldn’t get any decent shots of them. Plus I couldn’t get over how MASSIVE this walrus was! His feet (or back fins) were HUGE.

None of these pictures are aware worthy -but I wasn’t concerned about composition but rather spending time having fun with mom and capturing some of those moments when the opportunity arose. I’ve never been very good at multi tasking 😛

I think the spaghetti factory summed it up best:


See you on the flip side!

Saturday, mom and I left on a trip. We left earlier than one should every be up on a Saturday.

Destination? San Diego!

Why San Diego? Why not?

We didn’t really have any particular reason in mind other than we we wanted to see the sun…

We arrived last night, got our rental car, drove in circles, finally found our motel, then headed out to get dinner. Forgetting it was Cinco De Mayo, we decided that since we were so close to the Mexican boarder, Mexican food would be good. I googled a few restaurants, picked one with good reviews that was still open and off we went. Except that when we got off the main road -the small streets were flooded with people dressed in various costumes.

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I fear I get more out of my Sunday school lessons than the kids do. Except it’s not really a fear –because I know they get something from it and one day I pray they will be able to draw on the teachings –not mine, but the teachings from the Bible.

I once heard that teaching makes you learn things in a different way –It is one thing to know something, and it is another thing to know something with the intent to teach. I find this to be true.

You see, we are working through the Promises of God. Many of them, not all. But many of them. In order for me to teach these kids these promises –I must first believe them. Know them. Understand them. Really get them. Because if these kids so much as smell doubt? They will attack like rabid dogs. Ok, well, maybe not that violently. But they will find that doubt and expose it. Because that’s what kids do –right?

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We are still working through the promises of God, and this week happens to be the promise that “Joy comes in the morning.” With Easter just around the corner, I found it fitting that the lesson was drawing from the Easter story. Instead of just drawing a few points from it, however -I decided to make it the center of my lesson.

Originally I was going to get some resurrection eggs and tell the story as it unfolded. However, since we have 45 minutes and my lesson (regardless of how long I prepare) usually taps out about 15 minutes in -and I am always looking for ways to draw things out -I decided to let the kids make their very own set of eggs.

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