Last weekend I got a group message from a friend asking if I wanted to join a group of them for snowshoeing.

I’ll be honest and say my first thought was “Um, no.” But to be fair this is what I envisioned when I pictured snowshoeing:

I also don’t own snowshoes, nor had I ever been snowshoeing.

Mom and dad offered some bits of advice such as “We went snowshoeing before. Once.” and “Why would you want to go snowshoeing for fun?” and of course “You have to have snow to snowshoe…”

Eventually I caved and agreed to go. I rented myself a pair of snowshoes and joined a group of friends (in the rain) for a hike. With no visible snow.

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About sixteen years or so ago, we moved to the house we are currently in. I’ll spare you the details and just say it was a messy move with lots happening. While most people would have probably renovated the house BEFORE moving in, we just moved in. On top of what was there.

The house (bless it) was built in the 40’s. It had an addition added in the 60’s and a partial ‘update’ in the 70’s. Nothing had been done since.

It was, you could say, beyond time for an update.


70’s styled carpets

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This morning on my way to work, thoughts heavy on my mind and ten minutes late –I was stopped behind a line of cars while an ambulance and emergency vehicles sped around me.

I wasn’t close enough to see the details –but from the actions I could see –I could tell it wasn’t a drill. They were surrounding someone or something who lay on the side of the road –three or four vehicles were stopped in the middle of the road and a handful of others parked along the side. Lights flashing, sirens running…

…and there I sat. Deep in thought. Or, at least, in thought.

Thoughts of a conversation I was having with my sister before I had left playing through my mind: All the things. So many deadlines, so many expenses. So little time and so little money. The constant, it seems. As I sat, playing through different scenarios in which I could get more time and make more money –it hit me. Just how fleeting and precious life is.

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While I don’t have six dogs this time, I have two very different, very hyper, very active dogs -which is pretty much the equivalent of about ten dogs. I also have Yoshi. And recently added another shy, nervous first timer who isn’t sure she wants to be here. Really tho, I don’t blame her!

There is no such thing as a typical day ‘round these parts, but today was just too much to not try and dialogue a bit…

First, the cast of characters:

Cedar – a blue heeler with plenty of energy and plenty of love to go around. He is so full of himself and doesn’t know when to stop. He’s a lovable guy -but has enough energy to power the town.

Chester – a giant chocolate lab who doesn’t quite comprehend how big he really is. He feels he is perhaps the size of a poodle and has small dog syndrome because of it.

Abbey – the new dog on the block, an older (11) shepherd mix who really just would prefer to spend all day with her owner. Not three other dogs.

And of course, we have Yoshi. My girl who just doesn’t appreciate other dogs getting in her space and doesn’t mind telling them so.


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