Our route today was meant to be fairly straight forward and simple. We even had high hopes of getting to our destination early.

We originally planned to go straight to Santa Barbara without stopping, but somewhere along the way, decided that was a silly plan.

I had heard that San Simeon was one of the best places to see elephant seals, but the GPS wasn’t pulling anything up -we decided to make a quick stop in Sam Simeon and see if we could find anything.

I did a quick google search (how did people do road trips before cell phones and data?) and discovered the place we were looking for was the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery. It was free, had free parking and was only 3 miles out of the way. Read: Right up our alley!

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When we first started planning the trip, we really wanted to see the Big Sur area, it seemed to be on the highlights of the CA 1 route, but midway I realized that the road was closed due to a landslide last year sometime. This meant that we were going to have to backtrack in order to get to our destination.

King city had nothing to do with our trip, other than the fact that it was within our scheduled driving time and had some decent priced motels.

Our day mostly consisted of driving along the windy coastal road, seeing the sights such as these:

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We had big plans for today -lofty plans, at that. Big plans to make lots of stops along the way and see many, many things. We didn’t calculate the fact that it was Saturday, and the traffic was heavy. It took us way longer to get anywhere than we were expecting.

We managed to see the golden gate bridge (which was the main thing we wanted to see) but decided to pass up the state parks since it was 90 degrees and we still had two plus hours to drive -depending on traffic.

I originally planned to stay in Monterey, but again -Saturday night and prices for motels were extreme. We finally settled on Seaside -which is only about five minutes away, so it was a good compromise.

We left our motel in San Francisco around 10 and pulled into Seaside around 6. Of course, we made a detour to the bridge, lunch, gas, leg stretches etc.

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Last year I bought a gym pass -and only ended up going a handful of times. This year, I decided to get a pass -but to make the most of it. Since I’m working out north three days a week now, I’ve been able to get myself into a routine that works nicely. I simply bring my gym bag and stop in on my way home. Easy.

If you aren’t me.

I can’t tell you how many times I have showed up without something valuable to running. Usually I forget my headphones, water, hair thing….you know, something important.

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It’s a well know fact around these parts, that Yoshi is SLIGHTLY obsessed with pigs. Pink pigs, really, are her thing.

First there was the pink pig episode of 2015. That pink pig still continues to be a source of argument between her and other dogs and has to be picked up and put away when she has furry visitors.

Then there was the undercover pig episode, which also took place in 2015. The beloved pig that was ripped in two.

Since then, many-a pigs have found their way through these doors, see?

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