Day One

I know a lot of people out there are on day eight or day twenty -keep on keeping on people, but I’m on day one here and really not sure what to make of it all. The really ironic part is, I’ve spent the better part of the past eight years pushing myself to BE SOCIAL…and now the whole world is like “Just kidding, socializing is actually bad, you were right all along -it IS better to stay in!” and I’m wondering why I spent all those years trying to leave my comfort zone when I could have been preparing for this all along.

But I digress. I’m down one job. I still have four others, but this one was kind of a favorite and is kind of not my favorite thing to think about right now. So to combat all these big feelings, I’ve decided to hit the trails…I mean, it kind of ticks a lot of boxes -it’s away from people, it keeps me active, it’s fresh air…I mean, like I said, I’m on day one…ask me tomorrow how things are going and I’m sure I will have given up on my whole “Let’s hike all the trails!” idea. But here we are. Or, were.

Today’s hike destination was Perseverance Lake. I’ve been up there before, but this was the first time I hiked it solo. It was longer than I remember -just shy of 6 miles. But we made it up (and back!) -so I’m calling it a win. And by we, I mean Yoshi and I.


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Day two in Switzerland found us in the middle of a “storm”. Or, at least there was a storm in the mountains. With heavy wind warnings and blizzard like conditions, most of the higher mountain ski slopes were closed. Not wanting to forfeit another day of attempting to ski, we found another slope lower down the mountain -aimed at beginners -complete with lessons and schools aimed at the aged under ten group. It was perfect.

We did our best to stay out of their way -only barreling through their lessons once or twice, but proud to finally be upright, downhill on those narrow pieces of wood people refer to as skis. We were having so much fun, that we completely lost track of time. It wasn’t until about 4:15 that we realized -the last train off the mountain to our town left at 4:40. This meant we had no time to discuss the logistics, we had to move!

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When we first booked our trip to Switzerland, everyone thought we were crazy. Or professional skiers. Or both. The most common response was “Oh, you ski?” to which we would reply “We have skied before!” -which loosely translated into something along the lines of “I’ve been skiing once. Fifteen years ago.” Sometimes I forget how old I really am. But I digress.

Innocent looking

We assumed skiing would be easy. Like riding a bike. Sure, you haven’t done it for awhile -but you pick up where you left off, right? And from what I could remember, it wasn’t THAT hard. We knew the basics. We loved the idea of going to Switzerland. And so we booked in a two day ski trip for ourselves with no lessons or guides. Because we were, after all, pros.

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I realize it’s been awhile, and honestly I keep waiting to catch up on life before launching into something new, but let’s face it -that ship sailed a few years ago. I honestly don’t know that I will ever be fully caught up. But that’s ok. I think.

Let’s just jump in, shall we?

We just returned from a little jaunt across the pond (we won’t talk about what number of trips this has been for me last year, m’kay? Apparently some people have issues with me traveling so much).

We have been planning to spend Christmas together in England for the past nine years -but something has always come up. This year we decided to make it happen. We also decided to add a little side trip in, because why not? The location? Bruges.

But it wasn’t quite that simple, because really, nothing ever is. I mean it sounds like a fairy-tale, because Bruges is a fairy-tale kind of town…but let’s be real, this is our family we are talking about -nothing is ever simple with us!

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to hike Deer Mountain -an iconic mountain in Ketchikan. But for whatever reason, it has never happened. No one was brave enough to accompany me up there and I really didn’t want to hike it alone.

It went from something that would be neat to do -to something that would most likely never happen. You know how after something is so far out of reach -it tends to grow and become a bigger deal than it really is? Yea. That was me.

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