The school year is wrapping up for us. One more week and we will officially be done. We had our preschool graduation last Friday…saying good-bye to those kids, who have been a daily part of my life for the past nearly 300 days was difficult.

Back in August when I first took the position, I didn’t realize, completely, what I was getting into. I understood on the only level that I could. Having only worked part-time, not having an entire class to call my own.

The end of the school year has me at a loss for words. It has been an amazing year. Unpredictable and full of uncertainties, sure, but amazing nonetheless. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of energetic, spirited and spunky preschoolers. Getting to hang out with them, teach and learn beside them has been the highlight of each and every day. They will always hold a very special place in my heart.

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I mean, 2020 might go down in history as one of the most complex years, and I am not really arguing…it was…complex. And while there were a lot of destroyed and crushed dreams and plans (we won’t talk about the travel plans that have been demolished) …there were some big, BIG moments in 2020 that have changed who I am…and who I forever will be.

2020 started out pretty epic -am I right? Big plans. So many big plans…and then, it all kind of fell. Or at least, plans were. What we THOUGHT 2020 was going to be, wasn’t…but perhaps, just perhaps, it was bigger than we had ever dreamed.

I took a trip to Switzerland in February…not knowing it would be one of the last trips I would take that year…or at least, the last trip without extra red tape. I skied with my sister and brother-in-law, niece and nephew and we were none the wiser to what was going to hit us in just a short month. I visited my then boyfriend in South Dakota, came home and went straight to work.

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Hey look! My thoughts made it onto paper!

My desk is filled with papers of every assorted shape and size. My to-do-list is longer than my arm and my head is twirling with whirly-twirly gumdrop thoughts (hard core elf fans will feel me there) -everything from wedding dresses to flowers, future plans that cause my heart to skip a beat or three and land somewhere in the deep end of panic and everything in between -including but not limited to the letter C, Christmas ornaments and whiny voices. I just called the dog one of my preschooler’s names and have no idea what dinner is going to be. I’m somewhere between wanting to collapse into bed and eat a gallon of ice cream. I can’t decide if I want to be happy or drown in a puddle of tears. Perhaps both?

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Earlier in December, our town became “famous” for a whale that was making its presence known by bubble feeding next to the docks. He became so famous, in fact, that people started a “Phoenix Whale Spotting” group on Facebook for those wondering about his current whereabouts. Even a whale can be stalked! I’ve lived here my entire life and have seen a whale bubble feed exactly once. It was an AMAZING experience and one that I hoped to share with Andrew while he was here.

We stopped in at the docks every time we were in town in hopes of seeing him…but the closest we came was seeing him a fare distance out.

One evening when stalking Phoenix’s page, I stumbled upon this gem:

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A little over a year ago I told my sister that I think I might need to stop talking to this guy I had just met because “I think I might like him.” I can only imagine she rolled her eyes at me (we were talking on messenger) when she said “If you like him, then talk to him!” As if it were that simple. Turns out, it was. And since she’s my sister and I believe everything she says (even though that has led to some awkward conversations as I learned that everything she told me as a kid was not, in fact true) I took her advice and continued talking to him.

Turns out I kinda more than liked him -because a few months later I found myself feeling all sorts of weird things. I couldn’t figure out why I missed him when we hung up the phone, or why I worried about him when he went on a fire. I couldn’t understand why I cared if he didn’t call me one Friday night or if he didn’t text some Tuesday afternoon. Until I realized that I kinda might actually love this guy who I had met a few months prior and should probably stop talking to because I liked.

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