How travelers learn to love.

Your heart is scrappy:

There are bits of your heart all over the world: in places, in people; in waves and in sunsets. You understand the beauty of loving big, loving wide, and loving often.

Travel has shown you the different forms of love in the world.

Love doesn’t only come in the form of romantic love. You have fallen in love with monuments, and landscapes; oceans and starlit skies. You have fallen in love with words, and language, and tiny touches of fingertips.

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Yesterday I was driving home with Yoshi when all of a sudden she got super excited. There was much whining and tail wagging and sticking of her head out the window. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her…until we got home.

It had snowed while we were in town and she had just realized it. She insisted we go outside and play. She wouldn’t take no for an answer.

So out we went.

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Not every lesson I teach has a good craft opportunity with it -while I like to include crafts (because A: I usually talk way too fast and end up taking about 1/4 of the time up and B: I think it helps cement the lesson in their minds a bit more) it doesn’t always work out very well.

This week a quick google search turned up some do-able craft options, I combined a couple and came up with this:

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Last night, we decided it might be fun to book a train that would take us up through the mountains. Actually, the first day we were here -while I was out for a walk, I thought it might be a fun idea -and when the rest of us showed up I ran the idea past them and we decided to book.

Apparently, however, when you ‘book a reservation’ on a train here -you are only reserving a seat. Not buying a ticket! Seat reservation is only recommended during peek season -which it is not.

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Today was a great day, but that could have something to do with the fact that a few of my favorite people finally made it late last night!


After breakfast we wandered down to the Christmas market -but since it was still early and everything wasn’t open yet -we changed our plans and began a walk to the Chillon Castle. It was meant to take about twenty minutes -but with our group we ended up taking at least an hour. Or two.

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