Our fourth of July’s are generally pretty low key -but with Amanda and Co being in town, we made the most of the day!

It was shockingly sunny! I think there have been maybe 2 or 3 fourth of July’s that I actually remember it being sunny. Most times its cloudy, overcast or pouring rain. Not this year!

I know a few people had a hard time with our parade this year -saying that it was too much of an advertisement and had nothing to do with the real reason why we were celebrating. I think of it more like our town gathering together to have some fun to help celebrate. I don’t know, I think it was fun and quirky -much like our town!

I never do a good job of getting pictures of the actual parade -usually someone jumps in front of me or I catch the rear end of it. This year I was too excited about things to get too many pictures.

Here were a few of the highlights:

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When we first started plotting this road trip through California, a stop in Disneyland was a stop on the list.

With it being summer -we figured it would be busy, so we decided to secure a fast-pass to better our chances of getting on any of the rides.

It was a bit confusing at first, but after downloading the Disneyland app -we realized it was easier than we thought. With the app, you can select a time frame for specific rides -then while waiting you can visit other rides and come back and hop in the fast-pass lane and skip a majority of the waiting time. You don’t have NO waiting, but your waiting time is limited and you can get on more rides. We used the fast-pass for the rides that had an hour plus waiting.

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Today was the last day in our road tripping adventures, we only had a small section to cover and not that many things we planned to see, the plan was pretty simple, we were going to do a little bit of shopping, meet up with a friend in LA then head to Anaheim.

We managed to find a mall just outside of Santa Barbara that was pretty much mind blowing, at least for us Islanders! There was literally every shop you could ever want there, coming from a small town where most of your clothes shopping is done online made this even more mind blowing. It was literally like the online world come to life.

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Our route today was meant to be fairly straight forward and simple. We even had high hopes of getting to our destination early.

We originally planned to go straight to Santa Barbara without stopping, but somewhere along the way, decided that was a silly plan.

I had heard that San Simeon was one of the best places to see elephant seals, but the GPS wasn’t pulling anything up -we decided to make a quick stop in Sam Simeon and see if we could find anything.

I did a quick google search (how did people do road trips before cell phones and data?) and discovered the place we were looking for was the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery. It was free, had free parking and was only 3 miles out of the way. Read: Right up our alley!

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When we first started planning the trip, we really wanted to see the Big Sur area, it seemed to be on the highlights of the CA 1 route, but midway I realized that the road was closed due to a landslide last year sometime. This meant that we were going to have to backtrack in order to get to our destination.

King city had nothing to do with our trip, other than the fact that it was within our scheduled driving time and had some decent priced motels.

Our day mostly consisted of driving along the windy coastal road, seeing the sights such as these:

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