A little over a week ago.

My big plan was originally to fly to Seattle, spend the night in a hotel then get a connecting flight to Minnesota where I would meet Andrew and we would drive the rest of the way to North Dakota. I didn’t want to make the whole flight in one day with Yoshi, since it was her first time flying and she is a naturally scared dog, I figured it would be best to break the journey up. My big plan consisted of getting all three of my very large bags, Yoshi and her kennel out the airport, to the hotel and back again the following morning.

About a week before I started thinking through the logistics of it all and determined my plan was too venturous, even for me. I floated the idea of Andrew meeting us in Seattle to help. It turned out the be one of my better ideas. While Yoshi did way better than I expected her to do, attempting to wrangle three large bags and a kennel by myself would have been a disaster.

We eventually made it, however. To Seattle. To Minnesota. And to our final destination. North Dakota.

I had got some calming meds for Yoshi for her flight and for those first few days, she could have cared less what was going on. She slept the entire ride. The next day she was a bit more herself, but thought every time she got out of my sight, I would leave her. She assumed every car ride meant we were getting back in her kennel, and took every opportunity to jump in the car with us. She was a class A clingy pup.

She’s been doing better tho…and starting to get a lay of the land. So far she has discovered that A) Rabbits are the best for chasing. She has chased countless rabbits around the neighborhood, much to my displeasure. She has also discovered that B) The dogs here look wildly different than she is used to. The dogs here also moo. The dogs here might also go by the name cow. She has also been enjoying the neighborhood dog park which is a few blocks from our house. Today however, she encountered a neighbor dog named Daniel, who attempted to chase her. She didn’t like that.

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