In many ways, it doesn’t feel like it has been a year. In fact, I have forgot multiple times that it was in fact, our anniversary yesterday. In other ways, however, it feels like it has been more than a year -like what did I possibly do before now? I’ve learned a lot over this past year but the biggest thing I think I have learned is how to let go of expectations. I went into this year thinking I had a decent idea of what to expect and soon realized -I had no clue.

Those expectations I had? Were so far from reality because the reality is? This is so much better than I could have EVER imagined. This isn’t to say there haven’t been moments of learning, because there have been plenty of those: I have learned so slow down. To let things go. To adapt. To readjust. To be present. To prioritize. To communicate.

Andrew’s favorite phrase this year (it would seem) has been “We’ll figure it out.” When he first started to say it, I absolutely hated it. There were so many follow up questions: How would we figure it out? When would we figure it out? How would we know when we figured it out? I need to know and I need to plan! But over this past year I have learned to not only appreciate his phrase, but to use it myself. Because somehow, by the grace of God, we will continue to ‘figure it out.’

Thank you, Andrew, for a wonderful year. For blowing my expectations of marriage out of the water, for putting up with me, my crazy ideas and frantic moments, for always laughing with me and making me laugh. Here is to many more years. To forever (and a day).

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