Introducing Elias Henry! He wanted to grace us with his presence a whole 5 weeks early and while I definitely could have done without the NICU stay and the hospital life the past few weeks, I’m not complaining about the extra few weeks we got to spend snuggling the little guy.

Here are just a few snaps of the past few weeks.

He had to spend a few days on the bilirubin blanket to get his numbers under control. He rocked the little googles.

He also loved pulling them off and chilling without them -much to his nurses dismay!

It has been a wild few weeks, complete with two air transfers some scary diagnosis’s and eventually an early delivery for the little man. Despite being 5 weeks early, he is making great strides. Even though he was a decent weight at birth, there were a lot of areas that were underdeveloped and as such, we’ve were given a crash course about the preemie life. While it has been a crazy ride so far, we have been blessed by so many people who have made this journey a lot more bearable. Happy two weeks little man, here is to many more!

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