12. It’s hard to be sad about coming back (from town, across the world, etc.) when this is there to welcome you home.  We had just returned from a short trip to town, and she was SO HAPPY we had come back.


13. I have never been good at math, so bear with me.  Ugly x 100 = Cute? Am I right or not?  This is the neighbors dog.  She is SO ugly, she is cute.  What do you think?


14. My pretty girl


15. Yes, I know.  It’s Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi.


16. Happy fall, Happy pumpkin, Happy everything!


17. A dark, gloomy sort of day.


18. A sampling of carpet.  My room is a combination of 60’s, 50’s and maybe some 40’s.  I’m not entirely convinced that is all.  We have ugly green carpet covering some even uglier linoleum.  That blue wall was an attempt at something stupid and will soon be gone.  And hopefully within the next month or so, so will the ugly floor.  Replaced with that sampling.


How was your week?

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