As the sun pushed it way through the clouds, and the rain momentarily let up – I drug Yoshi outside to play ball.  It ended up going something to the tune of:

“Here!  Get the ball!”

Yoshi half heartily runs after the ball, and doesn’t stop to get it.  Turns around and looks at me like she has no idea why she even bothered to trot after it.

“Get the ball!”

Yoshi trots off, and I fetch instead.

While we were out there, I thought it would be fun to get some “Autumn styled” photos of her.  I persuaded her into sitting, and got her attention with a blade of grass.  Because after all these years, girl still will do ALMOST anything for a blade of grass.  Except get the ball, perhaps.

She was all about the humor today.


Oh, Yoshi.


You are too much.


But we love you.


When we got back inside, I realized one of those pictures looked vaguely familiar…

yos outside 047

And then I died from all the cute.

Funny thing was when I took the picture today, I wasn’t even thinking about the one I took of her as a pup.  It just looked familiar, and I had to go looking and realized: Same pup, same spot.  Just a few years in between.  What a girl.

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