Three weeks in and the newness of being back has started to wear off.  Life is starting to return to a somewhat normal pace that consists of waking up, running through the day and neck breaking, maddening speeds, and returning to bed some point later that night.  I’m not complaining, I kind of enjoy the site of life as it goes speeding on past.

I have sat down multiple times convinced that I am going to write something – some amazing recap of my time away.  Some “This is how I spent my amazing summer!” yet nothing happens.  I look through the 4000+ pictures, looking for some sort of inspiration, yet find nothing.  Much like looking through last years photos, I smile…a lot.  I laugh…a bunch.  And pick out the pictures that are horribly composed, have bad lighting, and make it appear that the person on the other side of the camera had absolutely no idea WHAT they were doing.  Because the blurry, crazy, dimly lit photos – are my favorites.

They remind me of the amazing times I had away.  They make me laugh, and give me no words to explain just what was going on.  Because in the middle of all the neatly composed, wonderfully lit, professional looking photographs – sit the memories that will remain a lifetime.  Memories that will pop up at random times during my conversations with people.  Memories that I can relieve with the people I spent them with, and attempt, vainly, to share them with others.  But when it all comes down to it – the memories that I made this summer?  Are really just that.  Amazing memories, of amazing times, spent with some amazing people.

Which is why when you ask me how my trip was, I will respond by saying “Amazing.”  Because it was.  All around, simply, amazing.

I couldn’t tell you what I did, much like if I asked you what YOU did this summer, you wouldn’t have too much to say.  A few random memories, a few disconnected thoughts that make you smile, and then…fall is here.

Sure, I traveled to Portugal, Greece and Germany.  Sure.  I spent the summer with some of my favorite people.  Yes it was hard to leave.  Yes I want to go back.  Like yesterday.  Yes the weather was great.  No it didn’t ran as much there.  Yes there was lightning and thunder.  Yes it scared us.  Yes.  It was an all around amazing trip.  No I don’t have a favorite place I visited because they each are in a special place in my heart.  Yes.  It was awesome.  Yes I took lots of pictures.  But no.  I really couldn’t tell you what I did.  I will try.  But I will fail.

Because summing up five months of awesomeness?  Is harder than it sounds.  So for now just believe me when I say: Yes.  It was awesome.  And know that someday, I will share just what made it so awesome.  Once I can figure out how to put it all into words that make sense to those that weren’t there to experience it.

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