I have never been good at answering questions.  Questions of any kind really.  One of my proudest moments was when a teacher asked me what grade I was in.  And I boldly said that I was “In the 6th grade.  I think.”  Its been a running joke around here ever since.  So now whenever someone asks me a question – I always want to follow it up with an “I think” because it just seems like I should.

I kind of assumed that when I reached this “Magic age” people would stop asking me questions.  The questions were always “What grade are you in?”  And a few years later “Are you in college?” and then a year or so later “Boy friend?  Married?”  And while its true – that Amanda got put through the ringer (being the oldest and all) I kind of blindly assumed that people would stop asking me questions when I reached…this magic age.

We went through the stages – and when Amanda got married, everyone skipped the college/grade questions with me and went straight for the punch line – so when are YOU getting married?  Then the questions stopped.  And I smiled blissfully – because the questions were now over.  I reached the magic age.  Except that I didn’t.  Because now people ask me what grade Im in.  And apparently, I have started all over on the question grid – only in a more condensed format, with more complicated ones tossed in for fun because when people find out that not only am I not in grade school, Im not in college, nor am I married?  They kind of want to know just WHAT I am up to.

They want to know just what I do.  And I suppose its only natural.  I mean, I kind of still want to know what I do.

A few days ago – someone asked me what I did.  And I stammered my way through saying I work in dads shop, and slyly turned the subject to Amanda, because every conversation is better when its about my sister, right?  Come to think of it – it wasn’t so sly.  And it was sort of out of the blue in a “What do you do?” “Oh I work in the office because I have a sister who lives in England and lets talk about her, m’kay?” sort of way.  Ahem.  I digress.

The thing is when people ask me what I do – I really don’t have an answer.  Because my life?  Is really no different than anyone elses.  I don’t do this amazing life changing work.  I do paper work.  And I love it.  But when people hear you “Do paper work” for 12+ hours a day, they start to wonder just what kind of a math freak you are.  (In all honesty – I hate math, and math hates me.  There is rarely any math going on over here.)

I don’t know how to answer people, because everything I do – is done by others – only ten times better.  If I say “Im a photographer!” people assume Im a top of the line, quality photographer who has won awards or at very least, knows what they are doing behind the camera.  But really I just enjoy taking pictures, and messing with the settings and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  See?  Just like everyone else.  A self proclaimed, wannabe photographer.

If I say I write – then people think I am a best seller author who has written ten books on life changing topics, and want to know what some big word means.  When in all honesty – I just love writing, and sometimes can get letters to form words that eventually make sentences that ramble on, and hardly make any sense.

Im ok with what I do.  Infact, I love what I do.  I love spending hours at a time researching something and writing about it.  I love figuring out a new technique on the camera – even if its already been discovered.  I (usually) love dealing with customers and sorting money.  I do what I enjoy, and enjoy what I do.  But it’s the same as everyone else, so explaining what I do – when its just basic, mundane stuff that makes a simple little me happy?  Is hard.

So just what do I do?

I live a life that is going by way to fast.  I spend my days with people who I love one minute, and cant stand the next – my family (and pretty sure they would say the same thing about me).  I spend my time writing words, crunching numbers, telling dogs no, and answering the phone.  I enjoy staying up late, into the early hours on the morning – and feel like I have accomplished something when I mark something off my “list.”

I get mad, I get stressed, I get insanely happy, and love candy.

I am nothing special, don’t do anything out of the ordinary, and fill my days with silly stuff that at the end of the day – I don’t even remember.  I try to prioritize things, and fail.  I try to make people important, and get mad.  I try and fail, and try try again.  And yes, I do paper work.  I write checks, make invoices, pay bills, and plan dinner.  But who doesn’t?

I don’t do anything out of the ordinary – yet so many people ask.  Just what do you do?  And just once, I want to say “I do what I enjoy, and enjoy what I do.  I live my life – just like everyone else, with a few things that make me different.  Im no one special, nothing important.  Im me.  And Im ok with that.”

What do YOU do?

One thought on “What do you do?

  1. RoSy says:

    I wake up – live – go to sleep & hope that I wake up to see another day 🙂

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