The other day we had beautiful sunny weather, on a weekend.  Which was rare in and of itself.  We took the opportunity to do a little fishing.  I should stop now and mention that usually – we go out on the boat once a year.  We spend ½ the time on the dock, where we have our traditional dock picnic, and a few hours later dad gets the boat running and we head out for a bit before parking the boat for the rest of the year.  This?  Was our second time out this year, and the boat started on the first try – both times.

Unfortunately about ½ way to the fishing spot the motor died, and we sat dead in the water for about 20 minutes.  No need to fear, however.  Dad is a mechanic so one way or another we knew he would get it running.  And sure enough – he did.  But not well enough to continue to the spots he was hoping to go.  Something about fuel, and carburetors, and chokes.  Boring stuff.  It ran, that’s all we cared about.

We fished for a few hours – mom and dad caught a few rock fish, and I just fed the fish my bait.  I am terrible at fishing.  So after losing my bait a few times, and declaring it too expensive to just feed the fish – I picked up my camera, and took in the surrounding beauty.

Sometimes – when you live everyday, in the same spot, you forget to take in the simple beauty that is around you.  Since traveling, I have often said that there is NO place more beautiful than Ketchikan on a sunny summer day, and I still believe that.  I just sometimes forget to remember that.

Of course one look into the water where I saw freakishly large and ugly jelly fish like I had never seen before – reminded me to be grateful I was on top of the water, and not swimming.  CREEPY!


I was trying to get all artsy leaning out of the boat – the creepy jellyfish quickly put an end to this stunt!


A safer view


Surrounded on every side



Its kind of hard to see – but along thats our Island.  Along the coast you can see little dots – those are houses, stores, and buildings.  Its home.  And its beautiful this time of year.


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