Day Four.

Apparently I am all about lake hiking these days. Today we hit up Connell Lake. This was a new one to me, and honestly I am not sure if we did the entire thing or not. Towards the end (or what I am assuming was the end) the trail was covered in some pretty deep snow. Three feet of snow might not seem like much, but when you are only five foot yourself, three feet can pretty much eat you alive. According to Google, I did complete the trail.

“Soon, you will come across a strange bridge that crosses over the creek just before Talbot Lake, but the trail does not continue on the other side of the bridge. Most likely this bridge is used for fisherman and hunters who want to gain this side of the creek and lakes. Skipping the bridge, the trail continues just a little further and ends at a tent platform at the southwestern end of Talbot Lake, another serene and quiet getaway.”

Because yep. I couldn’t have said it better myself. A strange bridge and a tent platform we indeed did find.

The trail itself was pretty, but there wasn’t any big “ah ha!” at the end…it was more like…are we done? Either way, I plan to explore this one more come summer as it was a nice trail.

I don’t feel the pictures really do it justice. Yoshi LOVED this spot…both on the way up and back down, for whatever reason as soon as we got to the bridge she would bolt and fly around like a crazy nut.

Can you spot her?

This trail had the most snow out of all the trails I’ve been on this week. Since I’m not entirely sure about where I am going my rule is “if I can’t determine where the trail is, or I am getting unsure of where I am, we are done.” There were a few points I wondered if it was time to turn back -but then there was some boardwalk indicating we were on the right trail. Or, at least, a trail!

There might not have been any grand “ah ha” at the end, but the moments along the way were pretty awesome. I sometimes am taken back by how beautiful it is here.

Some of the snow that attempted to eat me along the way.

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