Day three.

I found out last night that I lost my second job. Or maybe it was laid off? I don’t really know how all this works. All I know is I’m not working anymore. My third job (house sitting/dog sitting) has come to a screeching halt since no one is leaving town and people are canceling their trips. This means that I am basically, down to one job -that is done online. Which means a lot of my time is now spent in front of a computer. Staring into the screen.


I am trying to find the positive things in the day -no matter how small they might be. Today? It was the box of soap that arrived in the mail, as well as a random coffee face scrub. Plus it was sunny. And Yoshi and I hit the trails again.

Today’s pick? Carlanna Lake

The brief bit of research I did before heading out said that you cross the “avalanche ledge” before arriving at the end. It wasn’t marked…but I’m pretty certain this was the avalanche ledge.

Yoshi was feeling brave and daring and kept threatening to run by the edge. I decided it was a good time to turn back.

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