We had big plans for today -lofty plans, at that. Big plans to make lots of stops along the way and see many, many things. We didn’t calculate the fact that it was Saturday, and the traffic was heavy. It took us way longer to get anywhere than we were expecting.

We managed to see the golden gate bridge (which was the main thing we wanted to see) but decided to pass up the state parks since it was 90 degrees and we still had two plus hours to drive -depending on traffic.

I originally planned to stay in Monterey, but again -Saturday night and prices for motels were extreme. We finally settled on Seaside -which is only about five minutes away, so it was a good compromise.

We left our motel in San Francisco around 10 and pulled into Seaside around 6. Of course, we made a detour to the bridge, lunch, gas, leg stretches etc.

We made our way to the Monterey State Beach after we landed at our motel -as soon as we got there, we saw dolphins! See the little black fin out there in the middle of the water?

Good night, Seaside!

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