Last year I bought a gym pass -and only ended up going a handful of times. This year, I decided to get a pass -but to make the most of it. Since I’m working out north three days a week now, I’ve been able to get myself into a routine that works nicely. I simply bring my gym bag and stop in on my way home. Easy.

If you aren’t me.

I can’t tell you how many times I have showed up without something valuable to running. Usually I forget my headphones, water, hair thing….you know, something important.

From my brief time at the gym, I can tell you that there are exactly two types of people who attend:

Those who have it together. And those who don’t.

The together type I’m talking about that show up with matching tops and bottoms, they run (effortlessly) at speeds that I can only drool at. They make it look so easy, gliding through the air (because I swear their feet don’t touch the ground) barely breaking a sweat. This type of people accounts for 99% of the people at the gym. It isn’t that I have anything against these people because I don’t. In fact, I strive to be like them…I want to be one of them. But alas, I am not.

But then there is the other group. Which from what I have seen, really only consists of me. And the lady who was sobbing in the locker room one day. Honestly, I thought about sitting down beside her and crying too, but I guessed that might have gotten my put into a different category altogether. But I digress.

You see, I try to have it together. It isn’t for lack of trying. I show up and get it done, but it very rarely is pretty. And it isn’t ever put together. Aside from losing my phone to the treadmill -I have ran without a hair tie, almost run out of my pants, gotten sick, tripped on the treadmill and given myself a shout out when I thought the room was empty (spoiler alert: it wasn’t.) I also generally turn a bright shade of red and sweat more than any person should. Especially from my elbows. I have yet to understand this.

Today, I think I may have topped it.

I showed up without my hair tie. My backup tie broke mid run (hair EVERYWHERE), forgot my Gatorade and had to use water (which means I got sick), dropped my cell phone on the treadmill (thankfully it didn’t get eaten) and then proceeded to trip. On the treadmill. Which is a flat surface. But because I am the world’s most uncoordinated and clumsy person there ever was -I tripped. I only lasted one mile before I decided I had better do the rest of the gym a solid and exit while I could…

Bright red, hair everywhere, sweating from the elbows. Because I’m nothing if not committed to keeping that 1% in action.

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