So yesterday. I got off work early, and headed to the gym. No big deal.

Just a casual run to get back into the swing of things.

The only problem was I couldn’t find my regular headphones, so I was forced to use a pair that kept falling out, but again -no big deal, right? We will make it work.

The other problem happened to be that I have the wrong case f or my phone. Remember when my phone took an unexpected vacation just, well, a month ago? Well, apparently -Samsung decided to upgrade the type of phone I have and while it fit in the case? The holes were in the wrong place. In order to use said headphones, I had to take the case off. But hey -no big deal, right?

So there we were, running it out on the treadmill, with my naked phone and crummy headphones. I had a good pace going, was feeling good and nearing the one mile mark when it all came crashing down. Quite literally.

In one swift move -my headphones popped out, I reached to put them back in and yanked my phone off its ledge…

I’m sure you can all see where I am heading with this one.

What followed was a loud crash, crack and thud.

I hit the emergency stop button (which, btw, doesn’t stop suddenly) and watched as my phone was sucked under the belt. Another crunch and it was gone. I jumped off and attempted to play it off as casual as I could, because of course it was busy in there, but hey -no big deal, don’t you lose your phone under the treadmill daily, too?

Except I couldn’t find it. My phone was simply gone.

What followed was perhaps the most embarrassing ten minutes of my life as I called in maintenance and stood by as they took the poor treadmill apart to rescue my phone.

It took longer than they were expecting so took my number (ironic, that my phone was under the treadmill -but hey, they’d call when they got it out!) and an hour later I retrieved this fine piece of work.

I call it the post-workout look (which, btw, is not a look I recommend!):


It sort of looks like the new curved phone, doesn’t it?

Also? I really like the note: Treadmill phone.

I then made the walk of shame into the cell phone store to purchase what is hopefully, the last phone I will have to purchase. Three for three, right?

The cellphone guy found it equally hilarious when I asked if they offered insurance for things like this: Ha! We do, but it wouldn’t cover that!

So there you have it.

*No treadmills were hurt in this testing of this phone.

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