Last night, we decided it might be fun to book a train that would take us up through the mountains. Actually, the first day we were here -while I was out for a walk, I thought it might be a fun idea -and when the rest of us showed up I ran the idea past them and we decided to book.

Apparently, however, when you ‘book a reservation’ on a train here -you are only reserving a seat. Not buying a ticket! Seat reservation is only recommended during peek season -which it is not.

Woops! Oh well.

We got these fancy red tags on our chairs and felt super special. So there is that!


The train ride itself went from Montroux to Zweisimmen. There were some epic mountain views! The whole journey took about 5 hours to complete I believe. It didn’t seem like that long and after walking all day yesterday it was nice to sit and relax…well, relax is relative with two small kids on board!

It was also quite funny -we met a man in the coffee shop from Australia -who had traveled to Alaska and been in Ketchikan! It was crazy to not only meet someone who spoke English, but to meet someone who had been in OUR town!











Sadly, today is our last day -we head out tomorrow, so this is au revoir, Switzerland, it’s been a treat!


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