Today was a great day, but that could have something to do with the fact that a few of my favorite people finally made it late last night!


After breakfast we wandered down to the Christmas market -but since it was still early and everything wasn’t open yet -we changed our plans and began a walk to the Chillon Castle. It was meant to take about twenty minutes -but with our group we ended up taking at least an hour. Or two.


It was a very scenic walk -and the trip back only took about 20 minutes.




The castle itself was nice…except we forgot to pack food and by the time we were done we were famished. So off to a little pizza joint we went. The best pizza is always from the little shops in the wall that are dimly lit and unadvertised.




Then back to the market for some hot chocolate, waffles and shopping.


We also did another round on the Ferris Wheel -because of course we had to!

Then dinner and back to our hotel. It was a full day -but a lot of fun.



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