Not every lesson I teach has a good craft opportunity with it -while I like to include crafts (because A: I usually talk way too fast and end up taking about 1/4 of the time up and B: I think it helps cement the lesson in their minds a bit more) it doesn’t always work out very well.

This week a quick google search turned up some do-able craft options, I combined a couple and came up with this:

Honestly, I don’t remember where I got the templates for the men from  -if you look closely you can tell it is the same guy -I just edited it up to make it look like three, colored them different colors and called it a day (and yes, I got called out on the fact that I didn’t finish coloring them.)

The guards? Well, I wound up forgetting about them completely so did some freehand drawing that looks like the guards are strangling some skinny person (those are supposed to be spears, btw).

The fire was just some different flame outlines I found and printed up on different colored papers, and then some strips of colored paper on the top. A brown paper bag with a ‘furnace’ cut out on the middle. I left it so it could be a flap. The boy in my class that day appreciated the “Caution Hot” sign.

…and of course, an angel in the back drawn in with a white crayon. I didn’t point it out until I was doing the story. It worked sort of like a puppet show -with the three men going in under the bag, then when the king ‘opened’ the furnace -he saw four! When I asked how many men there were -he looked close and was surprised to actually see the fourth.

Of course, at the end -he mad his own furnace and men -and then proceeded to run around the church with his guards chasing the men. Ahem.

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