I have a confession to make: I am a terrible person. Well, no, that isn’t exactly the confession I was hoping to make, just that, well, I have been slacking –big time on the blog front. You see, almost one month ago mom and I took off for a weekend trip. It was supposed to be “Just the two of us.” If you have been following any length of time you know that Amanda and I love surprises. Probably close to two years ago we started plotting and preparing for this surprise to take place. But since it was a surprise, and mom has been known to stalk the blog (Hi ma!) I couldn’t say anything about it…and well, writing anything else seemed pointless.

So back on track.

A month ago mom and I headed to Seattle for a “girls weekend” –she didn’t question why I had nearly 50 pounds of luggage for a weekend trip and I appeased her with “A girl needs stuff –even if it IS just a weekend” when really, my bag was loaded to the hilt with random bits…

The day we left home, David, Amanda & their crew were leaving England to fly to Seattle to surprise mom. But the surprises weren’t and didn’t stop there. From there, we bought mom a car, and made a road trip up through Canada where they would stay for a few months. Confused? Me too.

Pretty much every time I told someone about our big surprise they looked confused and asked some random questions about the logistics…logistics smogistics is what I say!

In the end, we pulled off the epic surprise with very few glitches. They showed up at the motel –shocked the socks off of mom and we spent the next four days searching for a car. It was a very long four days but to shorten the story -we eventually found one that fit the criteria, bought the car, and began our trip.

…and then everyone got sick.

I wish I were kidding. But the brand new car endured countless bouts of vomit. The whole way home.

We made it tho, and have been doing our best to fill the time and knock items off our “Summer Bucket List.” Which might explain my absence. That and the fact that these people are some of my favorites. Our days are wild and epic. Fast and furious. But it has been an amazing summer.

…and hopefully I will get around to sharing some of the epicness.

Until then!

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