Ten years ago, we did what any good fool would: We ran a fun run. It was the first official race that we had ever been in and was something that excited us beyond belief. Since it was a fundraiser, we went around the neighborhood collecting money and making our speech. That night we ate what any good runner would: A high carb meal that would make us sick later on, donned our pajamas and ran our hearts out.

Fast forward ten years.

I had casually mentioned a time or two that we should “relive old times” and go on the fools run once again. No one seemed that interested until one night I went in the grocery store and saw this gem:


What is a fools run, you might ask? I think this pretty much sums it up best: Over one thousand “fools” will take to the streets with hundreds more to cheer them on…

Basically you show up at midnight in a costume and run through the town. It is great fun. So long as you don’t pass out (it has happened before!)

Rushing out to the car I spilled the news that the run was “THAT NIGHT” and “WE SHOULD SO GO!” Amanda was game. David on the other hand, could not understand why would want to wait up until midnight before running downtown in our pajamas…better yet, why would we pay for this with money?

Once again, we did what any good runner would do: Ate a high carb mean that would eventually make us sick, don our pajamas and run our hearts out.

We waited until 11pm before loading up in the car, driving to town, pay money to get our bibs and free shirts, took a few pictures and the gun went off. We ran. We beat our previous time by 3 minutes. We had fun.

We ran downtown while those who were still up (read: Mostly those in bars) cheered us on and gave us high fives. We saw just about everyone we knew, and had no shame –running downtown in our pajamas. It wasn’t until the next morning did a little bit of embarrassment start to sink in. Not embarrassment for running in my pajamas, or being so slow…oh no, the embarrassment was for not HAVING any embarrassment!

To quote the lady who was cheering us on: Run you fools, run!

What can I say? Some run to get in shape. Some run during the day. Some run for fun. We run at midnight. In our pajamas. We run with our fellow fools.


My look in the bottom picture, and Amanda’s look in the top pretty much sums out how we felt about that night.


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