September 12, 2015

We went to Brighton twice!  The first time was with mom and dad…it was an especially windy day!

We spent the day on the Pier watching the waves, eating fresh waffles and doing a little bit of shopping.  We also went on a few rides -something Amanda and I feel compelled to do every time we go there.  Thankfully this time, the ride was less traumatizing than last time.

See?  Brighton!


The waves were so big!


Crooked horizon and big waves together


Good hair gone bad!


Making friends with a lobster!



…I have a SLIGHT obsession with these.  I admit.

london15 151_00051

Is it bad when you can’t tell if you or your three year old nephew is having more fun?


It felt like the paparazzi was there -Amanda was on one side, dad was on the other…cameras flashing everywhere!

london15 157_00057

Ahhhh!  Love them!

london15 160_00060

Some random views




We also had some fish and chips on the Pier.  My face pretty much sums up how I feel about them.  Don’t get me wrong -I love me some fish and chips, I just don’t like the fish and chips here.  It’s what happens when you grow up on Alaskan fish and chips…cod just doesn’t cut it!

london15 127_00027

Good-Bye, Brighton!


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