“We want to go for a bike ride” they said “It won’t be muddy at all!” they said.

It was a beautiful fall day -with the leaves blowing and all.  It wasn’t raining.  They secured a babysitter and away we went.

It was a little muddy -because that’s what you get the end of October!  There were some cows, some nettles (blasted things) and some conversations.  There was a quick lunch at a garden center -and then the dreaded ride home…because apparently -what goes down?  Must come up.  At least when you are biking.

It was a fun ride, however.  Yay for bike rides in the country!

See?  Not muddy at all!  Ha!


Amazing views!



Great place for some autumn portraits!


Pulling some dangerous stunts and taking selfies while riding!


Biking pictures






And those blasted nettles…I rolled my jean keg up so it wouldn’t get caught in the chain.  It didn’t get caught in the chain, but I rode past a patch of nettles -and got a bunch of stings.  Eeks!


…and of course, a crazy video…

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