We took a break from our early morning wake ups and slept in a bit today.  We took off for downtown Paris and saw the Eiffel tower.  It didn’t blow either one of us away.  It was amazing to be there -simply for the fact that it was the Eiffel tower -but after a few minutes of looking at it, we weren’t entirely sure what to do.  We took our pictures, walked around -then headed back to another stop we had found yesterday to get some souvenirs, and of course -our baguettes.


It was grey and cloudy -but we still took our obligatory photos in front of the tower.


I had read online that when going to Paris -you should dress up as nicely as possible.  I think we were the only ones dressed up.  Don’t get me wrong -no one was wearing sweats or baggy clothing -but there were a lot of jeans!


While it was fun to visit – I don’t understand what the big fuss is about it, to be honest.  I think it has been played up so much, that I was expecting way to much from it.


But now I can say I have been there – seen that!


Hello there, big tower!


…and finally, another obligatory photo: The creepy elevator and baguette story!


It was another amazing trip -albeit fast!  Seeing three countries in five days tends to make  a fast paced sort of trip!

Au revoir!


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