We have gotten up before six (and really, before three) every day this week.  With early flights, connections and limited time to see ALL THE THINGS -early mornings have been a must.

But today, all that combined with the stress involved with trying to find a location in a foreign land with instructions that made no sense to us, meant that we were tired.  Confused.  And frustrated.  All that meant that we got one picture today.

After being declared “homeless” -(for an hour since the person we were staying with wouldn’t be home for another hour, and we had exhausted all of the places within walking distance) we sat down on a bench with our baguettes and crossword puzzles:


Personally I think I look like a mad ogre rather than a temporary homeless person.  But to each his own!  Don’t worry -not twenty minutes later we were safely inside (not that we weren’t safe outside!) with wifi, beds, and all things lovely.

Until tomorrow…

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