So when we booked our tickets -we wanted to hit up Germany, Paris and Venice, but we didn’t know how exactly to make it work.  When booking our tickets from Germany to Paris, however -it popped up that the cheapest option was with a 24 hour layover in…Venice!  We jumped all over the idea, and found ourselves with the day to spend in Venice.

After successfully navigating our way to the house we would spend the night at -we hopped the train and headed for the city center.

It was more than I expected.


The “Main Canal” -there were little canals that wove throughout the towns.  Snaking with roads, curling around the town -making for awesome pictures, but impossible to get from point a to point b without getting lost.  As the man that gave us directions said “You will get lost.  Everyone gets lost.  I hope you get lost in Venice -because that is when you really see it all.”  He was right too.  We got lost.  We saw it all.  It was amazing.


The sneaky canals!




This is where we ate lunch.  Seriously.  We sat right there on the edge of the canal and watched the boats go up and down.  We even got splashed.  It was awesome.


The lunch was equally amazing…


This is what they call “Sausage.”  Sausage, by the way, was really good.


More randomness


Gelato!  Where are you gelato!


You know, just hanging out by the Venice canal…


No. Big. Deal.


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