We decided to spend our last day in the Blue Mountains visiting another waterfall.  For whatever reason, we all ran out of the house without so much as running a quick internet search on the area.


After walking for around an hour, in nearly 90 degree weather -we parked on the grass while David ran ahead to see if he could find some information.


Unfortunately, the only way to get to the Falls was a 20 minute walk on the main road, or a treacherous hike that wasn’t going to be possible.


We opt out of both options, and instead got lunch, went to the playground, roasted in the 90 degree weather then caught the train back towards where we had been staying…

Our hosts had arranged to meet us at the train with our bags, so we didn’t have to get off the train.  They tossed us our mountain of bags, and we carried off to…


…Sydney.  Where we are spending the night before carrying off down the coast.

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