We spent the day in the Blue Mountains.  An awesome day filled with so many adventures.


The Three Sisters


After taking a 20 minute trek down a trail, carrying the push chair up and down windy trails and stairs, we arrived at our destination: The Katoomba Falls.  While they weren’t 100% what we were expecting, we weren’t able to access certain parts due to the push chair / amount of stuff we had brought with us.


The views however were amazing, and the weather gorgeous.


By the time we caught the skytram back -we missed our connecting skytram, and worried we would have to take a 2-3 mile walk, in addition to our mile+ long walk back to the train station.  Fortunately someone told us there was “One final bus” that was getting ready to depart if we hurried.


The “Five” sisters! 🙂

Frantic, as to not miss the last bus we ran to the stop.  After waiting 15 minutes a trolly appeared.  We barreled on the bus…”Before you all board…you should know this isn’t a free bus!” We stopped.  Apparently it was a $25 tour bus.  But he was the last bus -and he was nice enough to give us a ride…not just to the stop we were hoping, but all the way to the train station.


The people have been so nice, friendly and helpful -making this trip even more awesome.


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