So I decided to attempt and do salad Thursday this year. It shouldn’t be that hard considering that salads are almost always welcomed here. And I love to have some sort of an idea on what I am cooking during the week.

Yesterday I thought I would keep it simple with chicken salad. But I really wanted some tomatoes to go with it. And cantaloupe. So I figured why not? I went to the store and spent a good few minutes selecting the perfect tomatoes. I don’t like them squishy, or soft. They have to hard. So I did my best to pick out the best two tomatoes for sale.

Amanda has always teased me about my “Smashing fruit” habit I seem to have – its accidental, of course, but I always seem to end up smashing or bruising her fruit. I smiled as I carefully put the tomatoes in a safe spot, got the last few items on my list – and headed to the checkout.

Where the cashier dutifully placed the precious tomatoes in a bag – and put the canned goods and cantaloupe on top. I just about squeaked in horror – but decided I would just do some rearranging after I paid. But since it was busy, I just pulled the tomatoes out of the bag and carried them out to the car. Which is when I tried to figure out the best place for their ride home would be.

But they were gone. Nowhere to be seen. I looked all over in the car, and when I happened to look up – I spotted a tomato rolling across the parking lot. Doing what I assume every tomato buyer would do, I shrieked and took off running after it.

Thankfully its friend had enough sense to stay IN the car, so we still had tomatoes with dinner.

I’m just hoping this wont be a tradition every Thursday -because I might have to switch it to “Tomato sauce Thursday” if it is!


See? Tomato!


4 thoughts on “Salad Thursday: Week 1

  1. Becky Smith says:

    Glad one of your tomatoes behaved itself. And your salad ingredients look yummy!

    1. Christina Harman says:

      I was glad it behaved as well, it was a really good tomato -in more than one way! 🙂

  2. Capn Manda says:

    Hahaha it was trying to escape YOU -it knows your penchant for smashing fruit! That salad looks SO GOOD. I MISS peperoncini!

    1. Christina Harman says:

      I knew you would have something to say about the fruit smashing! Ha! I did try my best, to not smash it, that is -but in the end, it was too much of a temptation, and I couldn’t resist!!! And the peperoncini -I was SO excited to find them on sale (just one more reason for you to move back to the good ol’ USA!)

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