So I kind of fell off the bandwagon when it came to taking a picture every day for a year the end of 2014. While I was proud of my success, I just decided not to do it again this year. And then I got busy. And kind of fell off the blogging bandwagon. And well. Every other wagon too, it would seem.

I have a good excuse, though. I think.

Tuesday mom flew back to town from her trip to England.

Thursday her and I got our hair done (FYI: Dying your hair red before traveling is not recommended from me unless you want every motel room along the way to look like something straight out of Dr. Seuss.


Friday I left for Singapore.

See about a month ago we booked tickets to Australia. With a ‘stopover’ in Singapore.

I spent 17 hours flying yesterday and arrived in Singapore sometime late last night / early this morning. With all the time zones I flew through it was really kind of hard to keep track of the time and day. But I made it. And was happy to step foot on solid ground after being in the air for that long (a new personal record for me I think!).

I was at customs I made it with the first group of 20+ people, and was feeling fairly proud of myself. I handed in my passport with my form. The lady looked it over then asked me the address of the hotel I was staying at.

When we booked the trip, I was responsible for booking all the hotels in Australia – and David was booking the one in Singapore. As a result – I had no idea where we were staying, or what the address was since David was also picking me up. This answer didn’t fly with the customs lady. Who informed me that I had to go back, call David and find out the address.

She pointed in the way of the phone booths.

Phone booths. In 2015. And people say they don’t exist.

I attempted to place a call, which is harder than it sounds when you are in Singapore, trying to dial a British number, with the number being the number you dial from America –with the only coins you have being Korean…well, let’s just say it wasn’t happening. After attempting ½ a dozen times to place a phone call to no avail, I hung up the phone and marched my way to cop stand.

“Yes, how do you use the internet.” I asked, cautiously. He directed me upstairs. Which is where I found a long row of kiosks. Which instructed me to scan my passport, and then it spit out a password. I pulled my computer out, logged on, signed in to see if, by chance –Amanda was on and could give me the info.

My computer battery was quickly dying, I couldn’t charge it due to the small fact that I didn’t have an outlet converter, and I couldn’t make any phone calls. This was a last chance effort at getting myself let out of the airport. I had quick flashes of the “Terminal”, before sending Amanda a message.

She didn’t answer. But mom did! She was excited I was on, after not hearing from me for 12+ hours. But I was in no mood to be excited – I was frantic. I need the address, and quick!

After about 5 long minutes, Amanda finally replied with the name of the hotel, and address –and just moments after, the internet went out. I ran down the stairs, quickly filled in the hotel information and was let out of the airport.

All that is to say…

I hope to get back on the writing bandwagon this month, with if nothing else –at least pictures from across the way and stories here and there.

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