Often when we travel, we find ourselves needing a vacation to recover from our vacation. We attempt to travel light, and cheap. As a result we usually end up with some interesting stories to tell. I’m not yet sure what stories will come from Greece, although I suspect we will have a few. Just not the ones we were planning on.

We discovered last night that the beaches and locations of Greece that we were looking forward to the most – were on the west coast of the Island we are on. Unfortunately, we happen to be on the east coast. While it may only take 10 minutes by car, we have bikes. And while it may only be 2.5 miles to get there, and in any other circumstances – 2.5 miles is a cakewalk, here it is anything but.

The sun has wiped us all out. Or at least, has wiped Amanda and I out completely. If not for the AC I’m not sure where we would be. This afternoon we started out on the trek across the way. A 2.5 mile journey with the promise of ice cream and sandy beaches, David lured us out of our nice AC room. All was well for the first bit of time until things started looking a little…deserted.


We joked about being on another episode of “I shouldn’t be alive” but still continued on. The paved road turned into a gravel road, which turned into a dirt path, and eventually looked more like an un-mown field than anything. Old olive trees, a few houses, roosters, and a whole lot of empty fields.  A far cry from our visions of deep blue water, and bright blue skies.


Not the Greece we had in mind.

By the time we returned – we were all completely wiped out. It was, in fact, the hottest part of the day and the sun was so intense. After a quick dip in the pool, we decided that there is one thing people have right about the hottest part of the day – and that is napping.

First world problems that make us sound like spoiled brats who came to a dream land of a country only to complain. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure Greece is an awesome country – I’m also sure that its awesomeness starts about 2.5 miles from here and is just out of reach. I’m also confident that we will make it there, to see this awesomeness – sometime this week.


Sometimes it takes all we have to make it down the stairs to that pool.  The sun.  Its hot. 

I just hope the A/C holds out long enough.

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