When it comes to heat – its important to remember that Amanda and I are from Alaska. While she may now be a transplant, she grew up in Alaska as well. We swim in the ocean when it reaches 60 degrees. And we melt when it hits anything over 70/75. One year we took a road trip to Nevada to meet up with our grandpa. In the middle of the dessert it was estimated it was around 120 degrees. Papa, who lives in the desert – was having a hard time. Amanda and I were already gone, but mom? She was ALIVE.

And by alive, I do mean it in the very best way. She grew up in Oregon with no AC – her and dad know how to handle the heat, and come to life when it heats up. In China – they both VOLUNTARILY took the room with no AC while David, Amanda and I sat as close to the AC units as possible.

All that is to say – we booked a trip to Greece, in the middle of summer where the current temperature was 95 degrees. For those used to those temperatures you may say “Oh that’s nothing” or “That’s easy!” for us? Atleast Amanda and I? We are used to 45 degrees being hot.

When we headed out today – it was already warm, but not hot. We biked. Up big hills, down others – searching high and low for a beach. Now don’t get me wrong, there was a beach. We saw it yesterday. But it was too crowded. Too many people. Too little water. We biked on. On and on in search of a seemingly magic ocean to appear on a mountain top.

And then? We crashed. Not literally, of course. David biked on to find a beach, and Amanda and I grumbled. Why did we book this trip in the middle of summer? Why did we come here in the searing hot sun? Surely we will be lobsters! A popsicle later, we came to our senses. We booked the trip, yes. We miscalculated our location – by a long shot – yes. But we were here, and darn-it we were going to make the most of it!


Once David returned we told him our new plan: We would go to the beach, and swim.


Moments after diving into the luke warm water – our perspective changed. Suddenly the flowers were brighter. The sun was cooler, the water bluer. Suddenly the hills no longer seemed like road blocks – but rather vineyards. We swam for a long time before finally realizing we needed to head back. As nice as it was – we were still pasty white and our skin made a perfect target for the sun.


Sunburn and all – Greece is turning into a great trip. It may not have been what we had envisioned when we sold ourselves on the idea of the Mediterranean in the middle of summer – but it has been an adventure. And one we already can look back on and laugh at.


2 thoughts on “Greece Day 3

  1. RoSy says:

    I grew up with no AC too. But – am now spoiled. AC required – LOL

    1. CJ Harman says:

      I agree!! AC is a must! 🙂

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