I had a long blog post all written up.  I usually do.  Long plane rides do that to me.  Sitting beside the man with the deep blue glasses, on the last seat of the airplane that was 1/2 broken and held down by a seat belt – I wrote a long post in my head.  And then we landed.  And stepped out.  Into the blast of heat.  And all thoughts, wishes, to-do’s, will do’s went out the window.  There was nothing left.

We secured all four of our carry on bags, additional luggage, pushchairs, car seats, lunch bags etc and made our way to our final destination: Greece.

For weeks we have been researching, scouring the internet, looking at white buildings and blue skies – and finally, we booked our trip.

But when we swung the doors open, our expectations came crumbling in.  A blast of hot air hit us all in the face.  We stumbled in.  Two beds in a shared room.  The town smelled, and the bathrooms were less than clean.  Our phones worked for five minutes before giving out, and the internet only worked in one corner of the room.  Tired crankies hit us all as we grumbled through our bed time routines.

“Tomorrow will be better” David said “We havent even see anything!”

And of course it was.  Because it always is.  The first day is always hard when we go somewhere new.  Adjusting to a new place, getting to know the area, working out the kinks, and finally – enjoying the location.

So here we are.  In Greece.  For a week.  In hot humid Greece, in a room with two beds, an AC unit, and a tiny little tv.  And a swimming pool that feels like nice bath water.  Bikes are reserved, dinner is eaten, and another night is upon us.

The beach is right down the road, and we have big plans to seek out the best beaches on the Island of Cofu.  For now we are in our room, surrounded by grape vines growing up the rails, palm trees in the back yard, and wifi that is only works on my bed.  But for one week – we will make the most of our adventure, and laugh at our expectations – because as our number one rule goes – don’t have expectations when traveling.  And now that our first day is behind us, we have a whole five days left to enjoy the scorching hot sun, the luke warm swimming pool, and of course, the beaches.









2 thoughts on “Greece: Day 1 & 2

  1. RoSy says:

    Hubby & I went to Greece back in 2005. He had a business trip there & I tagged along (of – course I would jump at that opportunity).
    We stayed in Athens – but – got to visit a few Islands on a tour that we took. We had a great time.
    You will love it there. Loots of good food & wonderful people!

    1. CJ Harman says:

      Cant say I would pass up an opportunity like that either! Glad you had a good time 🙂

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