Last night after an episode involving too little counter space, which ended in me literally stepping in dinner – we all went to bed wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. Or at least, I did. It wasn’t that all Greece is bad – it couldn’t be, could it? But with our recent adventures in so called “Greece” I for one was beginning to question my decision in coming to this place that seemed so wonderful – yet just wasn’t.

We had booked a tour – a tour that claimed to be wonderful. One that promised beautiful beaches, and secret coves. But hadn’t Greece promised that as well? Our biggest fear now was that we would wake up early and get on a boat that would cook us the rest of the way.

But today? Today we forgave Greece. And decided that instead of being angry at Greece, we would be angry at the little tiny town that we happened to drop into – and can’t seem to get away from. Until today. Because today? Made us want to come back to Greece – if only just for the boat tour.

We don’t normally book tours. We are sort of “Do it yourself tour guides” when it comes to traveling but here? We needed something that showed us the Greece we were looking for. The Greece that inspired us to travel some more.

The tour? Was amazing. It was relaxed, laid back, and fun. They pulled into multiple stops – with swimming at nearly all of them. They let you jump straight from the boat into the water, fed a meal with enough food for seconds, and took us to see the Greece of our dreams. The Greece we always knew was there – but was just out of reach.

I will let the pictures do the talking. Just know that some of Greece? Is really, really awesome. And this tour? Was out of this world awesome.

Here are 10 reasons why I am forgiving Greece today:



This was a real beach, with real water that looked AMAZING.  It wasnt a swimming pool, it wasnt just a picture – it was REAL.












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