I used to like Monday. While everyone else would cringe because Monday was coming, and dread the day – I would look forward to it. I love the starting of a new work week, and I loved that there was a whole week to accomplish things. Weird, perhaps, but I did love me a good Monday. And then…the last few weeks have happened. And then yesterday happened, and I honestly would not care if we skip right on over every Monday there is to come.

Its not that anything particularly life altering tragic happened – its just that every single thing that could go wrong – did. And everything that could go right – went wrong. And the day could not end fast enough.

You see, Sunday started things off on a bad note. When I returned to the shop I discovered that the dog I am watching – broke out of his kennel and destroyed the office. Wait, let me back up. That morning I did my dog sitting duties that included taking the dogs outside, cleaning up their crates, and returning them back to their crates for two, maybe three hours. When I returned – I was greeted at the door by none other than the trouble maker himself.

There were floods, rivers, and mountains (if you catch my drift). Stuffed animals ripped, my coffee cup – broke. Plastic, paper, keys – scattered around the office. Our water filter – chewed to bits. By destroyed – I do mean destroyed. In that it took me two hours, two rolls of paper towels, and ½ a gallon of bleach to clean. That. Was Sunday.

Monday, was like Sunday – only repeated. Not even 12 hours after I cleaned the previous mess up. I should also mention that he has broken through chains, metal bars, and everything else designed to keep him in his kennel. Yesterday he refused to go outside – yet 10 seconds after retuning in, he would go. All over the floor. He was scared of the rain – which meant that I got hauled outside by two 50 pound dogs, and then had to literally, drag them both back in because they were too scared to move in the rain.

It meant that I hurt my back, had no coffee cup (see Sunday), the internet went out (for TWO HOURS people, TWO HOURS), floodgates were broken, my computer was unplugged, messes were made, cleaned, and made again. It was just one of those down right horrible days. And meanwhile, a gazillion and one miles away – Amanda was having troubles of her own. Their roof – leaked. This just a few days after another roof leak – which ruined their computer.

Needless to say – Mondays? Are no longer my friend. Tuesdays however…Tuesday and I are so far, best friends. Lets just hope it stays that way!

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