Monday – Honey is probably one of the sweetest dogs I know.  I was a little worried to watch her because just last week, Yoshi took a snap at her.  But they did good.


Tuesday – I did it!


Wednesday – This little guy, combined with the skunk cabbage and robins tells me spring IS HERE!  Well that and the sunny 60 degree weather we have been experiencing!


Thursday – I sent my camera off to be cleaned (he has some TERRIBLE black spots that I couldnt get rid of) so was forced to go to the archives this week.  This is Italy last year.  It kind of makes me want to eat fresh bread and mozzarella balls all over again.


Friday – Flowers are popping up all over here, so I found this one from the archives – England of last year.


Saturday – Another favorite from last year.


Sunday – Spring! Is! Here!  Or it was last year.  And is this year, I just dont have pictures this year yet!


One thought on “Week 13: Dogs, Flowers and Spring!

  1. RoSy says:

    YAY on the driver’s permit! 🙂

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