Monday – Yoshis new ball has a squeaker.  She absolutely ADORES this ball, and when Bob (who you will meet in a few pictures) came over – he STOLE her ball!  Needless to say they fought over the ball the entire week until  I finally smartened up and took it away!


Tuesday – This is Bob.  He is a shepherd husky mix.  He came to stay with us for the week while his owners were out of town.  Bob loved to tease Yoshi.  Yoshi didnt like this so much.

2Wednesday – The delayed flower.  While the rest of the flowers have long since been dead, this one is getting a late start – and Im not complaining!

3Thursday – Spring is still coming?  I forget what I was going for this day.

4Friday – Bob the innocent.  He was sneaky with Yoshis ball.  I was trying to spend some extra special time with Yoshi so she didnt get jealous – and one trip, Yoshi turned and high tailed it back to the office.  Bob.  Had stolen her ball (again) and was taunting her with it.

5Saturday – We had a burst of sunny weather this weekend, Ahhhh.  I dont care what ANYONE says – there is no place more beautiful than Alaska on a sunny day!

6Today – Ahh Miss Yoshi.  Some days.


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