Ive always considered myself to be more of a cat lover, than a dog lover.  I mean I love dogs.  But my buddy is my 21 year old cat who I have had since he was a kitten.  Its just how its always been.

DSC_0194But lately, I see that changing.


Yoshi has the personality of a hundred cats.  And the attitude to go with them all.  When she was a puppy – she was just that.  Another cute puppy.


She was going to be 100% crate trained.  She would forever and always sleep in her crate – and enjoy it.  But then one night I was alone at home, and a little bit lonely – and the puppy cries from the crate were enough to convince me that “Just for the night” she could sleep with me.


Now, every night when its time for bed, she races me up the stairs and jumps into my bed.  My bed, which is higher than the normal bed and requires some effort (from both of us) to get in.  She has miscalculated her jump more than once and ended up sprawled on the floor.  Ive kicked her out more than once, but always.  She comes back.


They say your dog looks like you.  Or you look like your dog.  And aside from the blonde hair – I guess you could say thats true.  Shes short, a little on the chubby side, and apprehensive about new things.  She loves candy, and becomes possessive of things she likes.


Shes stubborn, so very stubborn.  But some reason, I find myself falling for her.  Something I never thought I would say before.


My Yoshi girl.

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