I’m anything but perfect, and my pictures mimic this. I’m a wanna be photographer, but being unable to grasp anything other than point and shoot, my pictures aren’t anything but random snap shots of something I thought looked cool. If its any good, its sheer luck and nothing on my part. Capturing sunsets, or sunrises, or anything of the such, are nothing but streaks of blurry color in the sky – leaving me frustrated.

But there are some pictures I take, and don’t share, because, well, they don’t stand UP to my standards, and even though I might think they are nice, they aren’t cut out to share, let alone, be a picture. But some of my favorites are the ones that aren’t so perfect, and aren’t such great quality. Some of my favorites are the ones that are a little off, lopsided, and random snaps… And so I’m posting them.

Even though they are Imperfect.

Like me.

Barcelona Spain; Magic Fountain:

These two pictures make me happy every time I see them, and I dont know why. I cut the top of the fountain off, but they just give me happy chills seeing them.

“WHY a snail??” Because. I thought he was cute!!

Thats why.

Imperfect pictures. But perfect moments. Captured.

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