Yesterday was a hard day.

DSC_0430I attempted to get pictures of a two month old little puppy – and failed.  Big time.

DSC_0435But not only did I fail at taking his pictures – when they came back in to say good bye, Yoshi wasted no time in snapping at the pup.

DSC_0450Right infront of the puppies owner.  The puppy let out a horrible yelp and Yoshi growled the rest of the time.

DSC_0437This just a day after she snapped at her best friend – infront of her owner too.

DSC_0451After the puppy and his owner left I got online to research “aggressive dogs” and pretty much found out that everything I do with Yoshi – is wrong.  I have always held firm to the belief that she is “Just a dog.”  And while that is true – she is “Just a dog” she is a dog.  And dogs need training.

DSC_0472Which pretty much meant that the entire day was a complete failure.  And Yoshi was going to have to be put down because of all these mistakes.  No, she doesnt have to be put down – I just resolved myself to thinking that.

DSC_0476Dog needs some help, some training, and she needs it fast.  I started last night – by not allowing her on the couch during dinner.  She was so upset.

DSC_0477She wouldnt go to bed with me, and instead ignored me.

DSC_0528Today tho, we made up.

DSC_0506One of the things I read was that dogs get aggressive when they dont have enough exercise.  So today, when she started getting upset with Siren, I took them out to play ball.  Something they both enjoyed.

Heres to a better, hopefully friendlier, week.

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