Yoshi and I went for a walk today.  Walks are her favorite part of the day.  You would think she never gets out the way she goes on and on about them.  I read or heard somewhere that a walk to a dog is like a trip to the carnival for a person.  I kind of think that might be true, atleast for Yoshi.


She always has to inspect the piles of snow.  I thinks its all those smells rolled up into one big pile that gets her.  Because she stops and will not listen (not that she usually does) but all bets are off.  Usually she pulls me about 1/2 way into the snow bank before her collar comes off.  And Im left standing knee deep in snow, yelling for a (seemingly) deaf dog to come back.


Usually a few minutes later she realizes what happened, and slowly makes her way back.  Because shes a good girl like that.  And I cant stay mad at her for long.  After all, she was just doing what dogs do – and why didnt I want to smell the smells with her?


This picture didnt turn out the way I was hoping – too many power lines, trees, etc – but the snow covered mountains are, well, pretty.

Happy Friday!

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