1. Monday we were supposed to get a few feet worth of snow.  I was holding out hope that we wouldnt, infact, be buried.

2. Tuesday – We didnt get snow, we got ice.  And after a month of spring like weather, it wasn’t welcomed with open arms .  Thankfully my new hat arrived just in time.  Yoshi, however, thought she liked it too.


3. Wednesday – We got our 12 inches.  While the town rarely shuts down for snow, all after school activities, as well as programs were canceled all week.


4. Thursday – More snow.  More white.  More stuff everywhere.


5. Friday – Happy Valentines day!  I was tired of snow, and snow pictures, and everything white everywhere.  So turned my attention to these beauties.


6. Saturday – The snow finally started to melt, we lost about 10 inches of it seemingly overnight.  The only thing was – it had turned to rain.  Which made for about 12 inches of slush.  Everything was wet, muddy, soggy and I was in a foul mood about it all.  Hard to please me in the winter.


7. Sunday – We woke to a new layer of snow.  Deceiving, however.  Because under that snow?  Was about 2 inches of water.  Ahhh…Yoshi desperately NEEDED to run off some energy.  The deep snow has made it hard for her to run, so today I let her go.

7And that hopefully concludes the snow.  I dont know about anyone else – but Im ready for spring to come back!

One thought on “Week 7: Snow, Snow, Snow

  1. RoSy says:

    We’re expecting another several inches of snow on top of what’s been accumulating throughout the winter & really hasn’t gone away. I’m so over this season. And – like you – I’m ready for spring!

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