I wait all year for these flowers to bloom.  All.  Year.


It usually blooms in December.  It didnt bloom this last December.  I sort of panicked.  I love these blooms.  So much.  And it didnt bloom.  I washed the leaves, watered it good, and still.  Nothing.


So then I left it alone.  And forgot about it.  Until one day….tiny buds began to appear.  “Nahh” I said to myself “They are just leaves.  Its past December.  Those arent flowers.”


But they were.  They were blooming late.  Or early.  Or maybe they were just waiting for it to snow.  Or for Valentines day.  Who knows.


Either way.  The flowers had bloomed.  Have bloomed.  Are still blooming.

DSC_0827And I did my duty – and snapped pictures.  Of their lovely blooms.

DSC_0829Until next year tomorrow.


One thought on “Cactus Blooms Again!

  1. RoSy says:

    …Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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