When Yoshi was a pup, I had fun doing “Hello, Im Yoshi!” posts.  But as she got bigger, and less puppy like, I stopped.  In honor of her third birthday (February 28) – I decided to do a Yoshi themed post.  Although, Yoshi has pretty much taken over the blog lately.

I was looking back over the Yoshi themed posts, and saw all the pictures of her in her cute puppy stages…but I also saw someone else.  Our big old dog, Slim.  Slim was such a good, good dog.  She had her moments – such as running away, but over all – Slim was a great dog.  In her old age she over came her fear of people and turned into a real sweet thing.  Looking over the pictures I wonder if Yoshi misses her too.  Im sure she does – those two were good pals.

Anyways – Back to Yoshi.

Yoshi Likes:

  • Snow
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Playing
  • Being in Charge
  • Playing with her puppy pals

Yoshi Hates:

  • Listening
  • People (well she doesn’t HATE them, shes just scared of most of them)
  • Not being in charge
  • Not being outside
  • Being told no
  • 22 by Taylor Swift (and yes, I am serious.)

DSC_0691Even though she grew up, she will still be our little Yoshi.

And even though I have written more Yoshi related posts, this has still got to be one of my all time favorites: Sheep in the bed.

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