It snowed last night.

DSC_0699Whenever it snows, Yoshi pretty much demands to go out and play in it.  She whines, and cries, and carries on until someone gives into her desperate pleas and takes her out to play in the snow.


Despite my warning for her to “Stop” she went up over the bank, and disappeared.


Coming back up the other side wasnt as easy as she had planned.  It didnt help that I was laughing at her.  But dont worry – I did lend her a hand, and she survived.


She decided to evaluate the situation at hand before jumping right in again.  While she did that, I took some other pictures of, well, snow!


Because thats what you do where there is snow, right?  You take pictures.


And file them away for a sunny day.


People say snow is pretty.  I guess I can sort of see what they mean by that.


But I think its the sun that makes the snow pretty.


So basically – I still think sun is prettier than snow.  Just sayin’.


Sun makes Yoshi look pretty too…


Then again, Yoshi looks pretty without the sun too.  So maybe it is the snow.


Either way.


Flowers are always pretty.

One thought on “Snow Day

  1. RoSy says:

    LOL on picture #2

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