I was reading back over last years month of November, laughing at the random bits I had written down and kicking myself for not doing something similar this year.  But then I had to remember – last year it was just dad and I here.  This year there was twice our regular population, and an almost 2 year old keeping things lively around these parts.  So while I may not have had a lot of words, or photos these past few months…I have two months full of adventures that arent anything out of the ordinary…except they are.  Having the ability to pick up where you left off with someone, even months, years later is just awesome.

When Amanda and David (and Mr JD) got off the plane, there was nothing nerve racking or frightening.  No worry, just giddiness that hasnt stopped.  Until I stop to think that their time here is almost over.  And then I get sad, and dont want to let them go.  Because even though it means we will be going THERE sooner, it means that I will be leaving there sooner, and then…then well, then who knows what.

All that is I guess to say, this thanksgiving wasnt one that will stand out in years to come.  We didnt have anything spectacular, and while the food was pretty good – I think we have pretty good food most of the time.  But it was just like the past few months have been.  Awesome without reason.  With a side of crazy just to keep things down to earth and normal.


We went outside and played ball, got ready to go to the waterfall and our wood showed up.  So we stacked wood.

DSC_0224I think this is pretty much how everyone felt about that.


Then we finally made our way to the waterfall.  Where the lighting wasnt all that great and I messed around with different shutter speeds etc.


I threatened to get mad – because it just wasnt working.  But then turned my attention to other things.


Like these two.  Who were about as difficult to capture as their almost 2 year old!  🙂


Then we came home to make a big dinner.  We had some extra special help in the kitchen department.


Ive wanted to take pictures of these beets since…well, for a long time.  I thought they just looked really cool.


The finished product.


And…the Fam.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, hope you all had a wonderful day.

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