A few weeks ago everything worked out just right and David, Amanda and I went to the theater to see Thor in 3D.

Its worth noting for a few reasons.  The main reasons being that it was our first 3D movie.  The other reasons being that we dont usually see movies.  And well, David and Amanda arent usually here!  Also there arent usually decent movies worth paying to see.

We also had coupons for free popcorn, which made it all the more awesome.  Free popcorn?  Doesnt get much better than that!

Crummy cell phone photos to prove we were there:



Over sized bug eyes.

During one section of the movie, my eyes got tired from watching 3D and I decided to close them for just a few seconds.  Since it was dark, and I had glasses on so no one could see – I closed them.  Apparently during those two seconds I missed the most crucial part of the movie.  Amanda will never let me hear the end of it.  🙂

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